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People don’t often consider what it takes to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors. But it is vital to do so; in business, health to maintain food freshness and in many other uses for cooling. This takes a great deal of cooling machinery and a lot of energy to fuel these products. One company that is making great strides in building an international reputation in the cooling industry is: Yantai Moon, we have been producing complete refrigeration equipment, central air conditioner, casting, sealing material, heat exchanger, air compressor and other products for nearly sixty years. In 1998, we were listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, currently, we rank among the top 100 enterprises in China’s machinery industry. We have 25 branches worldwide because we focus upon delivering products in an expedient fashion but we also know in the cooling industry, after sales product servicing is extremely important. It is for this reason we have invested heavily in human resources employing 50 trained employees to handle your every cooling issue. In addition, we concentrate on brining local talent to better understand our local clients, these local salesmen and after-sales service personnel provide superior fast and accurate services to our customers.

Yantai Moon products have been widely applied to many large scale projects Yantai Moon has come a long way in building a world-class brand and high growth business concern.

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Moon Environment Technology Co., Ltd
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Tel.: +86-535-6697172
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