Value-added Commercial Refrigeration Technology:
Poultry meat processing: Baoli Project in Malaysia
Poultry meat processing: Fujian Sunner Development Co, Ltd.
Aquatic products processing: Kapoor Project in Peru
Aquatic products processing: Dalian Zhangzidao shellfish processing project
Dairy products and beverage processing: Inner Mongolia Yili Group
Dairy products and beverage processing: Mengniu Dairy
Low temperature logistics refrigeration house: Refrigeration storage project in China’s Nanning Bonded Logistics Park
Low temperature logistics refrigeration house: ZHANGZIDAO central logistics project

Central air conditioning and environmental simulation technology:
Central air-conditioning projects: Beijing subway, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway,
Red River Nuclear Power Plant, Yangjiang Nuclear Power Station
TH-2 High Performance Computer System, China Unicom's data center in Shanxi.
Environmental simulation test:Chinese national stadium- the Bird Nest, Honda wind tunnel laboratory.
Hydroelectric dam construction: Danjiangkou Hydropower station, Guangzhao hydropower station
Coal mine well freezing works

Efficient and safe industrial freezing technology:
Petrochemical industry: Million tonnage ethylene project in Sinopec Tianjin Petrochemical
Coal chemical industry: Jiutai Energy Project in Inner Mongolia
Chlor-Alkali/PVC Chemical: Chongqing Yihua Chemical Industry Co. Ltd
Fertilizer industry: Shandong Mingshui Dahua Group
Pharmaceutical and chemical industry: North China Pharmaceutical Group, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group

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