The cooling performance of this unit ranges from 49kw to 9600kw. With a PLC control panel, it can automatically adjust its cooling capacity according to load conditions.

The cooling capacity of this unit ranges from 100kw to 4700kw. It employs a fully automatic PLC control panel. Famous brand control components such as Siemens are used in this unit to produce a control system which is well-qualified, stable, efficient and energy-saving.

Our food quick-freezing device consists of IQF tunnel freezer, IQF spiral freezer, IQF fluidized freezer and contact freezer.

The water-cooled hermetic screw chiller unit features high energy efficiency. Whole series chillers are provided with soundproof box that ensures extremely low noise in running. This unit is equipped with a vertical twin-screw compressor.

It comes with an energy efficient slide valve structure that realizes stepless variable flow adjustment. It makes little noise while in operation.

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