Heat Pump with Screw Compressor, Water Source/Ground Source

    1. Patented, vertically-mounted and fully-enclosed screw compressor for extended service life.
    2. The motor is engineered to work at extremely low temperature.
    3. By using liquid level control technology, this product enables faster response and more precise adjustment than previously.
    4. Its electronic components are all imported from Siemens, Schneider and other world-renowned brands.

  • Whole series heat pumps are configured with high-performance economizers for boosting energy efficiency.

  • The system equipped with several heads features a single loop design. It enables the heat transfer area to be maximized under partial load conditions. This will help customers reduce much cost. Additionally, we adopt patented technology to ensure that the oil level is balanced.

  • The flooded evaporator is efficient and easy to clean. The electronic expansion valve is imported from Sporlan, a reliable American company. It carries out highly precise operations.

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