Factory Tour
Welding Workshop

    This workshop has an area of 2,000m2. It is used for welding all our products under strict quality control.

  • An automatic welding machine is utilized to precisely work on a cylinder of diameter less than 40cm. This ensures the welds with consistent quality and smooth surface.

  • The cylinder is being welded to a cover. Here we use a machine that can weld a cylinder of diameter more than 40cm.

Machining Workshop

    The 6,000m2 workshop is staffed by more than 100 employees.

  • This numerically controlled machine is handling a rotor bearing. It is purchased from Jones & Shipman UK and costs more than 300,000 USD. Its precision is up to 0.003mm.

  • A digital display controller is designed for easy video and data integration. It allows 15 rotors to be ground in one day. Due to a high level of automation, this device can considerably reduce the possibility of manual misoperation.

  • We invest 2 million USD in this CNC rotor grinding machine that comes from Germany’s Klingelnberg Company.

  • The Klingelnberg machine is specially used to produce the helical surface of the rotor. With an extremely high precision of 0.001mm, it can completely ensure the rotor’s stability in operation.

  • The CNC rotor grinder imported from Holroyd also costs 2 million USD. It can measure the precision of all workpieces to reduce the risk from manual handling and thereby boost work efficiency. The precision reaches 0.001mm.

  • In 2013 we spent 300,000 USD on the CNC lathe imported from Japan’s Okuma Company.

  • We bought a Makino flexible manufacturing line that cost more than 3 million USD.

  • This efficient line can perform both roughing and finishing operations on large modules, thus enabling the labor cost and personal error to be dramatically reduced.

  • The Makino automatic tool changer system is combined with more than 70 tools.

Assembly Workshop

    This general assembly workshop has an area of 8,000m2. It is home to more than 100 operators.

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